Love, Spice, and a Little Magic

Ashes Series

Raye was just a normal 19-year-old girl, living a typical life at home with her stay-at-home mom, working dad, and younger brother. Nothing baffling there, right? Wrong!

One moment they're having a party and the next she's being thrust into a world she never knew existed.

Two and a half years later, she's still struggling to figure out what happened, but now she's alone and being hunted by a creature that claims she's his.

Raye learns of a prophecy that could keep the world from completely falling apart, but of course, it comes with sacrifices and choices she needs to make. And she has to figure everything out while balancing not one, not two, but four mates.

Yeah, things might get a little hot along the way.

Author's Notes: This is a paranormal why-choose romance series. The books need to be read in order. The FMC will have more than one love interest and doesn't choose between them. This series will also lead to a same sex relationship between the FMC and one of her mates, not necessarily in book one. This book ends with a HFN and doesn't have a cliffhanger although, it is clear the story is not over.

Karma –
I always thought that I was broken, bad, unworthy. Growing up the way I did made that the only way to see myself. Then I met Val. She showed me how wrong that was. She helped me. Falling in love with her was as easy as breathing.

When I woke up in Hell, however, it seemed to prove that I had been the one who was right all along. Or did it? Maybe Hell wasn’t so bad. Here, I had a demon, reaper, and the devil himself all vying for my attention, AND 
they were even bonded to me. Couldn’t say that I hated that either.

But what about Val? Was I just supposed to forget her and the short time we had together? Why was being dead so complicated?

Eniah, Xinos, Lucifer –
From the moment Karma entered our realm, we knew we would be forever changed. We just didn’t know by how much. This woman was quickly becoming the center of everything. Two of us found their missing third and the King of Hell had found his queen.

Karma was a part of Hell, and we were never letting her go.

Val –
When a cruel twist of fate took her away from me too soon, I was crushed. She told me not to follow her, and I kept my word. But come Hell or high water, I knew I would be with her again.

Tu vai, io vado, il mio sole. You go, I go, my sun.

I’m not damaged.
Who said an omega couldn’t scent match to another omega?

I never expected to share a room when I went to the ORA, but something about seeing her getting yelled at didn't sit right with me so I invited her to dorm...with me.

When the school decides we are damaged goods and separates us, nothing will stand in my way of getting her back. Not even the three men claiming I'm 
their scent match. Childhood friend be d*amned. If they want me, they have to take her too.

Two alphas, their beta, my omega and me.
What could go wrong?